Savage Project 2007


A Savage brushless conversion


Differentials from Savage X

Alloy hybrid bulkheads

some polish for the skidplates...

some GPM c-hubs

Alu Center Diff. Mount Storm CL-1

FLM ext. center skid plate

additonal homemade skid plate

and the motor mount (also homemade)

the 46 spur gear will fit to a 11 pinion

some carbon !

carbon for the TVPs

NEU 1515 2.5D keeps cool

a long drive shaft (from Mike !!)

the short drive shaft can't be seen

Quark on top !!

Quark with Mike's heatsink

some support for the batteries

the 2s MaxAmps on the other side

the 3s MaxAmps fits in between

it's a Chevy !!


in "candy apple red"

6.2 kg are ok


The project started in may 2007 and was finished in september, but there are always details to improve.


So new in 2008:

FLM shock towers

Kyosho Differential with plastic spur & hardened pinion

receiver to the front (due to rc problems)

1 " lowered

brake lights overkill

but nice :-)

new outfit !!!

Hemi cuda "71

Slayer wheels with baller tires


And always thanks to Monster-Mike ( who always gave helpful advice and a lot of nice parts :-)

(especially thanks for the replaced 3s pack !!)

Again thanks to all the brushless experts of the forum (, only with their help it was possible to find a cool running setup.





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